Amanoarte is born of the illusion of sowing equality between women.It arose from the vision of creating a bridge between indigenous women and urban women.Karla Lozano, creator of the project, began to dream about it when she returned to the town where she grew up, located in the Sierra Norte of Puebla. This place, surrounded by indigenous communities and nature allowed Karla to recognize her connection with her roots, and traditions.This led her to begin a field study in the communities of the area.Thus she continued to fall in love with her culture and customs. It awakened a special connection with indigenous women, fascinated by the immense dedication and love that they offer to their embroidery and clothing.All this, a reflection of their cosmovision, tradition and legacy.Thus Amanoarte, from it's base in the mountains of Tepoztlán in the state of Morelos, began to fuse our yesterday and our now.Always supporting the indigenous women of Mexico, it became the first ethnic platform dedicated to weaving networks between designers and artisans. Thus it achieved a Holigral concept (uniting learning, awakening, love, sustainability and workshops) being a unique bridge for anyone who wants to start a work with artisans inside and outside Mexico.